Commercial Finance

Are you a business owner struggling to get access to commercial finance? Are you furstrated that the banks seem to have stopped lending to business? Are you concerned that the only way to finance your business expansion plans is to sell your soul to the devil?

We've heard it all…and that's why our commercial team work hard to create relationships with lenders that are keen to help business's grow. Whether you want to move and buy larger premises, need to buy new or replace old machinery or assests, need finance for a property development, want to buy a business or need to buy out partners, the commercial team at Barr have lenders ready to listen to your proposal.

This section breaks down the main areas of commercial finance and offers advice and FREE downloads of documents and tip sheets to help you to get better acquanited with commerical lending.

If you don't find what you are looking for, just call the commerical team on 01237 472 321 and they'll see if they can help.

Commercial Mortgage

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Commercial Mortgages

Much like buying a residential house, Commercial mortgage loans are a type of lending instrument that allows you to buy commercial property. However, in this case rather than using the house as collateral, the collateral is the commercial building or property.

This type of loan program can be very beneficial to business owners. If you need to buy commercial property, a commercial mortgage could be the best way to do so.

To find out more about the things to consider when contemplating a commercial mortgage click here >>

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Business Loans

Arranging a business loan is not all that different from a personal one. The important thing is to look for products that are specifically designed for commercial purposes.

Generally business loans attract better interest rates than personal finance and also have special features that are designed to make it easier to run your business.

Barr Commercial have connections with the usual high street lenders, and lenders you might not have heard of who are sometimes happy to step in, when the high street banks don't want to help. Barr Commercial have also teamed up with private investors to offer a great way to get access to business loans from £5,000 to £1,000,000. Business loans can be arranged on a short or long term basis, both on repayment and interest only.

To find out more about business loans with the Commercial Team at Barr click here >>

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Bridging Loan

A bridging loan can be used for all manner of reasons but is typically a short term solution that allows a commercial opportunity to be seized as the loan can be arranged in a matter of days - subject to meeting the lenders criteria.

The Commercial Team at Barr can help you to find a lender to fit your needs and arrange the finance in a timely manner.

For further information on how bridging loans work follow this link >>

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Development Finance

Development Finance refers to lending for large scale property development or refurbishment projects. These projects can be in either the commercial or residential sectors.

A development finance loan is not for those considering improvemnts to their own homes, these would generally be covered by a homeowners refurbishment loan or a remortgage, if there was sufficent capital in the property.

As each development finance loan is considered on it's own merits it's important to discuss these and understand when the loan should be applied for.

For more information follow this link >>

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Asset Finance

Commercial loans can also be arranged to help with the purchase of large business assets such as plant and machinery, IT systems or commercial vehicles.

In these instances the asset is generally held as collateral for the loan until paid off and supported by a personal guarantee.

Barr Commercial have teamed up with niche lenders and private investors to provide access to Asset Finance at excellent rates with a lot less red tape than the traditional lenders.

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Invoice Finance

If you are a business that has to wait months for your invoices to be paid or need access to the capital tied up in them then Invoice Finance might be what you are looking for.

Invoice Finance or Factoring, as it is sometimes refered to, let's you get access to the cash tied up in your invoices to enable you to have a better cash flow and grow your business.

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