Buy to let Mortgage:

buy to let mortgage

Property is still one of the best investments you can make. If you are in the buy to let market it is helpful to work closely with an independent mortgage broker who can help advise you.

In this section you will find information about Buy to Let mortgages, Buy to Let as a concept, Let to Buy and how to become a Super Landlord.

Investing in property continues to be a popular choice for many. Therefore, if you are considering a buy to let investment it may be worth taking a look through this section and downloading some of our FREE guides and fact sheets.

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Buy to Let:

Whether you are new to investing, thinking about becoming a Landlord or are a seasoned practitioner of the property development club knowing everything you can about a subject usually means you are in a better position to make clear and practical decisions. Buy to let advice is usually a good idea but feel free to click on the link below to get some more information.

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Buy to let Mortgages:

Getting advice from a buy to let mortgage broker is critical if you need finance. Our team of advisers are always happy to help and guide you through your best options. As always lending criteria is always changing so it is important to get the best buy to let rates possible for you. 

To be in the best position to get a Buy to Let mortgage that suits you it may be worth understanding the diference between a Buy to Let and a residential mortgage Click here to find out more >>

 Or if you are comfortable with buy to let and want to learn how to get the best buy to let mortgage click on the button below:

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Let to Buy:

What is a let to buy mortgage? Let to buy as the name suggests is about letting your home (and keeping it) and moving to a new property. It is possible to raise a deposit for your onward purchase from the equity in your property. It is a great way of keeping your home and becoming a landlord. It is usually helpful to seek advice when it comes to let to buy as it can be complicated.

There are many other benefits of let to buy mortgages one of which is avoiding the delays it sometimes takes in selling your home before you can buy. Click here to find out more.


Landlord Advice:

Being a Landlord is hard work. Keeping tenants happy, finding new ones, maintaining and repairing, managing the finance, staying on the right side of the law... the list goes on. But one thing you need more than anything is a great buy to let mortgage broker.

The trick is to become a "Super Landlord". Find out why being a Super Landlord means less work and more profit? >>

Buy to Let

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