What is a Buy to Let Mortgage?

buy to let mortgages

A Buy to Let mortgage is a loan from a bank or building society for the sole purpose of purchasing a property that you wish to rent out. The property does not need to be tenanted when you buy it however, to qualify for a buy to let mortgage this must be your intention once you have purchased it. There are multiple hurdles to overcome and a buy to let morgage broker can help with this.

There are many Buy to Let mortgages on the market but knowing which you could be eligible for, which best suits your needs and which offers the best value is where most people come unstuck.

Unless you know exactly what Buy to Let mortgage product you require, you should seek professional mortgage advice from a specialist buy to let mortgage broker. Otherwise you risk never finding the best buy to let mortgage.

A good place to start is to read our Frequently Asked Questions guide about Buy to Let Mortgages - download it here for FREE.

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