The GreenLight™ Service

When it comes to selling or buying it can be one of the most stressful times in your life. Using an agent that operates the GreenLight™ Service can help take away much of this stress and make the buying and selling process easier, clearer and hassle free.

So what is the GreenLight™ Service?

It's simple really. After talking with people selling their home they told us they were frustrated that they never really knew whether someone was in a position to buy or if they were just looking around, so to speak! Sellers were also worried, as they had heard that offers were sometimes not supported by a mortgage being in place. When things started to proceed they got stressed, as they didn't know at what stage the sale was.

The GreenLight™ Service from Barr Financial aims to alleviate all of the above and more. By working with your agent we independently verify that all buyers wishing to view a property are able, should they wish, to make an offer - if not then the seller can choose to let them view or not.

Next, all offers are also checked and if the buyer uses us as their mortgage adviser this will be backed up by an offer in principle from a lender. 

Again if the buyer is our client then all parties involved in the sale will have access to our online portal to show the progress of the sale, keeping everyone in the loop, right through to completion.

If you would like to know which agents are using this service please call us. If you think it sounds like a good idea and your agent isn't using the GreenLight™ service, then why not get them to call us and we can offer to sign them up.

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