greenlight agent

The GreenLight™ for Agents

The GreenLight™ Service is designed to help Estate Agents with the buying and selling process. It helps to make things easier and clearer for everyone involved and remove a lot of the stress and chasing that usually happens in the process of a sale.

It may mean a slight change to the way you work, and we understand that change is often painful, but it will really help to make you stand out from your competitors.

We're sure that agents always know that a potential buyer is in a position to make an offer? That you have detailed knowledge of the position everyone is in that you send to a viewing? That you've never had an offer either fall through or slow as the buyer has to yet to arrange a mortgage?

We're also sure that agents never have issues with knowing at what stage the sale is, when the valuation is being done, when the mortgage offer has been approved, whether there are any delays or issues with the mortgage application or all manner or other problems that can affect or slow the sale? 

And you can bet that agents never receive calls from buyers or sellers frustrated or stressed that they don't know what is going on and that they always have the answer to all the questions right there at their finger tips?

If you'd like to know how the GreenLight™ service can help to make you stand out from the crowd, attract more instructions, further help buyers and sellers and reduce the stresses of the whole sale process then get in touch. We'd love to help.