greenlight buyer

A GreenLight™ for buyers.

Being recognised as a serious buyer in a difficult market can make the difference between buying the house of your dreams and not!

"Mark and Jo were looking to buy a house in the region of £135,000. Using the GreenLight™ service from Barr Financial they found that their buying potential was actually £210,000. This meant that rather than settle for second best, they could now afford the house they really wanted. They instructed Barr Financial to arrange their mortgage, were able to quickly make a verified offer and went on to complete the sale without any hiccups as all parties were kept regularly informed throughout the sale.”

GreenLight™ from Barr Financial offers buyers the chance to:

• Understand and clarify your ability to buy
• View appropriate properties that match your position
• Make a verified offer
• Review any mortgage offer already in place to ensure it’s right for you
• Make the buying process easy and open for everyone

“Mr and Mrs Young consulted Barr Financial through the GreenLight™ service and got confirmation that their already arranged mortgage was the right one for them. This gave them the peace of mind to view a number of properties, make an offer and proceed to a successful purchase.”

The GreenLight™ service helps buyers and sellers to build trust from day one. It means that sellers welcome you into their home and understand that you are a serious buyer and are looking at appropriate properties. If you choose to make an offer they will know that it has been verified and as the sale proceeds everyone will be kept regularly updated at each stage. 

“Diane had arranged a mortgage with her bank and wanted to view a property. She had a brief conversation with Barr Financial who confirmed her position however, using the GreenLight™ service she found a better deal with another lender– reducing her monthly payments and saving interest. Now in a position to view the property, Diane made an offer and went on to complete the purchase of her new home with the minimum of fuss.”

How does it work?

The selling Estate Agent will arrange a brief phone call for you with an adviser at Barr Financial to verify your financial position. This call will take no more than 10 minutes.

If you haven’t already arranged a mortgage, Barr Financial will offer to arrange one from the whole of the market, but only if you want our help.

Barr Financial will verify and validate all offers prior to them being accepted.

If your mortgage is arranged through Barr Financial we will ensure a smooth sale. Sharing information with everyone and providing access through our online portal to see at what stage the sale is at.

As a buyer you are in a better position to proceed, you will know what you are able to afford, arrange a mortgage if you haven’t done so already, have someone working with everyone’s best interest at heart throughout the sale and ultimately not miss out on buying your dream home!

For more information on GreenLight™ talk to the estate agent or speak to us direct.