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As someone who already owns their own home and who is thinking of moving, you might need a mortgage to do so. If so a moving home mortgage of some sort would be required and just to share with you there are several options available.

Read on to find out more about your options.describe the imageMoving Home Mortgage

Moving home mortgageAs you’ve bought a house before you would expect that getting another mortgage to buy your next home would be straightforward. It should be but the lenders have more than likely tightened their criteria since the last time you applied for a mortgage.

To refresh your memory we’ve compiled a guide to help give you the best chance of getting a really good mortgage deal. Just follow the link below to download your FREE copy.


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Porting your Mortgage

Porting your mortgagePorting your mortgage has to be one of your first options, especially if you have a redemption penalty to pay or if your existing loan is at an attractive interest rate.

The specialist advisers at Barr Mortgages can help to make the transition from one home to the next easier by helping with all the necessary paperwork when moving your mortgage from one home to the next.

For more information on Porting and a get guide to the drawbacks download our FREE guide to Porting your Mortgage by following this link.

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Let-to-Buy Mortgages

Let to Buy mortgagesQ. Need to move but are stuck in a chain?

Q. Want to move when you want to not just when you find a buyer?

Q. Do you want to rent out your home and buy another?

There are many reasons why increasing numbers of homeowners have opted to let their main residence and buy a new place to live. It may be in answer to one of the questions above, in response to a strong rental market or indeed the tax breaks available to Landlords.

Let-to-buy is where you keep your existing home, rent it to tenants and then buy a new main residence to live in.

Letting your home in order to buy a new property might be the solution to a number of issues that many people are currently facing or maybe just an astute financial decision. Find out more by downloading our FREE guide to Let to Buy.

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Self-Employed Mortgages

Mortgages for the self employedYou may not be surprised to learn that as far as the self-employed are concerned lenders are still in the Dark Ages! You will find yourself having to provide much more information and answer a lot more questions to have any chance of securing a mortgage.

Of course you can visit the traditional high street lenders and comparison sites and you may find a mortgage that fits your needs but as soon as you mention that you are self-employed the shutters will come crashing down and the headache will begin.

By choosing to use an independent mortgage broker you will find that they can guide you towards sympathetic lenders and those that are willing and supportive of the self-employed.

For more information on Mortgage Tips and Tricks for the Self-Employed follow the link below and download your FREE guide.

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