Why remortgage?

Take a look at our video about why it is a good idea to remortgage:

Why should you think about remortgaging?

There are plenty of reasons why remortgaging, and taking advantage of the latest deals, could make sense:

Save money 

Find out what interest rate you are paying on your current mortgage -  you could benefit from lower repayments with us

Raise money

Remortgaging could help you release any equity in your home. You can borrow the extra money at the same mortgage rate, for instance if you want to consolidate other debts or make home improvements. But always think carefully before securing other debts against your home.

Make money 

If a new property seems out of reach, why not improve your current home? You could remortgage to raise money to add an extension – usually this improves your home's value in the process.

For a full list of the reasons to remortgage why not download our helpful guide to see if its right for you:

Remortgage Rationaliser Checklist