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Getting the right protection for your mortgage, life, family, income, home or estate can seem a daunting task. In the UK we spend more protecting our pets than we do our lives, families or homes!

You may be surprised at how little it can cost to get the protection you need and our advisers are there to help make sure the protection you choose is exactly what you need and cost no more than is absolutely necessary.

To make it easier to understand this often complicated area take a look through the sections below - there are also a number of guides that we have put together that you can download for FREE.

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Protect your Mortgage

Mortgage protection covers a range of policies that can simply protect the balance of your mortgage or your income so that you can continue to pay for your mortgage should you become ill or even lose your job. Read more >>



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Protect your Life

Life insurance is one of those things few of us like to think about – and that’s not only because it involves thinking about the inevitable. It’s also because some find it complicated. But if you want to help provide financial security for your dependants when you pass away, it’s worth looking into. Read more >>


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Protect your Family

Although it's difficult to think about, try imagining your family situation if you or your partner had died or either of you were unable to earn. There would be bills and a mortgage to pay, possibly funeral expenses or home adaptations for critical illness; the point of protection insurance is to help you meet these liabilities. Read more >>


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Protect your Income

Income Protection cover can be a range of insurance policies that pay out either a fixed sum or a monthly amount to cover the loss of income experienced during a period of unemployment, or loss of work through accidents or sickness. Read more >>


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Protect your Home

Home insurance can mean building insurance, contents insurance or both. Home insurance gives you peace of mind and insures against damage to the structural integrity of your building from incidents such as fire, flood or subsidence and can also insure your belongings from theft and accidental damage. Read more >>



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Protect your Estate

Making a will is vital to make sure your wishes will be met after you die – and that you don’t pay unnecessary taxes to the government.

There are many reasons to make a will - we explain them here…>>describe the image

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Protect your… Business

As a buisness owner you know what you need to make your business a success. Suitable premesis, machinery or tools, and your computer systems may all be important. But have you protected what is probably your most important asset - your people?


The main thing is to get the protection your business need - business protection explained…>>


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