Recommend a friend

We’d like to ask for your help to grow our business and in return we would like to be able to say thank you.

To do this all we ask is that you think about any relatives, friends or family that are looking to buy theor first home, move house or remortgage their existing property or would like to talk to someone about protecting themselves or their family should they become ill, loose their job, or should the worst happen, die.

If any one of the people you recommend becomes a client we will send you a £25 gift voucher for M&S - there’s no limit to how many people you can recommend or how many vouchers you can receive!

So simply complete the enquiry form using your details and in the note section let us know who you are recommending to us - remember to include their name, address and telephone number (email if you have it). We’ll then get in touch with them on your behalf and hopefully be sending your £25 voucher to you very soon.

Recommend a Friend