When it comes to a self employed mortgage, we are experts and understand the complexities you face:

Getting a self employed mortgage should not be complicated but sometimes lenders and brokers seem to make it this way!

We have a team of experienced mortgage brokers who are very comfortable and are used to helping clients who are self employed.

Just to share with you we are unique in that not only can we help our clients with their personal finance (mortgages) but also their business finance too.

Mortgage broker for self employed:

At Barr Financial we deal with a range of clients who are self employed and when it comes to personal finance (residential and investment property mortgages) we can help whether you are a:

  • sole trader

  • partnership

  • director of a limited company

  • contractor

  • recently self employed

  • locums

We can help with finance for:


  • 1 year self employed for all.

  • multiple sources of income

  • Less than 1 year self employed for partners in professional practices or those looking to join a practice.

When it comes to business and commercial finance we are experts with:

Mortgages for self employed:

Remember what ever your finance requirements are, we can help:

Got a question? Just ask:

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