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Let’s cut to the chase; we are independent mortgage brokers who help people just like you throughout England and Wales. We don’t have offices in Poole. We live in Devon. Of course, you are welcome to pop in any time. But like many of our clients, they are happy to do it over the phone and email. Oh and that thing called the internet!

Specialist Mortgage Broker Poole

Mortgage expertise where it counts


At Barr Financial, we are regular people who happen to be amazing at what we do.

More importantly, we focus on supporting and helping you — every step of the way.

So please have a chat and ask us your burning questions.

Maybe you are uncertain about the buying process or want to chat about your mortgage options?

Whatever it is, our independent mortgage broker Poole who help clients just like you will be delighted to help.

Here are some of the things we might be able to help you with:



Buy to Let

Moving Home

First-time buyer

Bridging Finance


Commercial Mortgages

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Why use a Mortgage Broker in Poole?

Working with a mortgage broker in Poole is a bit like seeing all the banks in one go, or as someone said, ‘Trivago for mortgages’!

As independent mortgage brokers who help clients in Poole, we are also property experts. Because we have clients throughout the UK, we need to understand what is happening in different areas and property markets. We have lot’s of ways to do this, but one property platform we have come across which we think is worth sharing is Hubinto.

Part of our role is to search the whole mortgage market to advise you of the best mortgage deal. The other part is to help make the process go smoothly by liaising with lenders, estate agents, solicitors, accountants and anyone else who might be relevant. Nationwide, NatWest, Santander, Halifax and Accord are a small selection of lenders we use. Still, as we are truly independent, we have access to a lot more (the whole market)! 

Poole House Buying Guides

Some helpful guides for your mortgage and homeownership journey.

Bridge loan for home buying

First Time Buyer Stamp Duty in 2020

Mortgage Brokers in the UK

Should You Get A Fixed Rate Mortgage?

When is the best time to buy a house?

Why Is It Better To Put Down A Bigger Deposit?

What is an AIP?

Big or small deposit when buying a house?

How to make an offer on a house?

How to negotiate a house price?

The Ultimate First Time Buyer Mortgage Guide

Mortgage Calculators

Calculate How Much You Can Borrow On A Mortgage:

Calculate The Mortgage Cost:


Our Mortgage Process & Success Rates

We are not perfect, but we try!

(Fourth quarter 2019 – next results due 31 March 2020)



  • We assess
  • You instruct us
  • We research
  • We find the best deal for you


Agreement In Principle

  • You agree to the deal
  • We submit the first stage of your application
  • You get an agreement in principle


Mortgage Offer

  • We submit the second stage of your application
  • We present your application in the best possible manner
  • They assess your situation
  • We support you throughout the process
  • They assess your property
  • You receive your mortgage offer



  • Technically our job is done but we also like to help
  • We liaise with solicitors and estate agents
  • We keep you updated
  • You achieve your goals

Service that’s about smiles not sales

We might be independent mortgage brokers, but we’re not a bunch of bankers!

Being independent means we only work for you. Our team

are incentivised not on sales, but providing the best service for you

and your future in Poole.

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