Proof of address UK

Proof of address UK

Learn about the different types of ID that will help your mortgage application:

Applying for a mortgage is serious business!

Understanding what proof of address UK you need will really help you get the correct documents. Applying for a bank account let alone a mortgage will require you to prove who you are and where you live. The reason is simply to prevent mortgage fraud and money laundering. To prove who you are, will usually require you to show one proof of ID (i.e. your passport) and one proof of address (i.e. your latest bank statement). Of course, it can be tricky for some, particualrly if you have recently moved home, changed your name, got married or just arrived in the UK.

If you are applying for a joint mortgage you will both need to provide your individual proof of address and ID. You can use a joint bank statement or other form of joint address evidence, but this will only provide idea for one of you.

Some documents can be used for both ID and address proof, however, you can not use one document for both requirements.

Personal Identity documents:

UK Nationals:

  • Current valid UK Passport (signed)
  • Current Full UK Driving Licence
  • Current Firearms/Shotgun Certificate
  • Current State Pension notification letter
  • Current Benefits Agency letter
  • Current years HMRC Tax Code Notification
  • Current Blue Disabled Drivers Pass

EU Nationals:

  • EU Photocard Driving Licence with Counterpart
  • Current valid EU Passport (signed)

Non-EU Nationals

  • Current valid Passport (signed)
  • Current valid National ID card

Proof of address UK:

  • Latest Annual Mortgage Statement or Mortgage Redemption Statement (no older than 3 months)
  • Recent Utility Bill – Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone (Not mobile phones and no older than 3 months)
  • Current Years Council Tax Bill
  • Bank / Building Society / Statement (no older than 3 months)
  • Current State Pension notification letter
  • Current Benefits Agency letter
  • Credit Card Statements from main provider (no older than 3 months)
  • Solicitor letter confirming completion of house purchase

Some other documents can be used for proof of address if you can not get those listed above. Please ask one of our mortgage experts for further guidance by getting in touch.

Common ID and proof of address Questions


Applying for a mortgage is a complex process. Having the help of someone independent to guide you through the maze of buying can really help on many different levels. For speicifc house buying FAQ’s please visit our Moving Home Mortgage page. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please just ask and maybe we can add it to our FAQ’s to help others too 🙂

Do you have a question about proof of address and ID?

If you have a question about proof of address and ID documents that is not covered here, please contact us.

I don't receive bank statements in the post, what should I do?

Lots of people have moved to online banking with all the benefits that it brings. However, one frustration we find is that people sometimes don’t know how to get their statements which are often needed to support a mortgage application. As bank statements are often used for either address proof UK and/or verification of income and outgoings, they are often a critical document to get. Yet it can be a headache for some to produce

Proof of address madness!

You would think, that the very banks who are offering mortgages and online banking, would make it easy, but this isn’t always the case! Cutting to the chase; you need to create/download a statement in the format you would imagine that would have been sent to you in the post. In other words, it would include; the logo of the bank, your name and address, the date and all of your transactions.

Unfortunately, it is not always that easy! One of the worst offenders are Natwest (come on guys sort it out!) but we know there are others too. The usual issue is that it is hard (or hidden) to produce them in the format that these very banks want! Natwest for example (since the time of writing this FAQ) have a print button, which most people would think is all you need. However, this allows you to produce a mini statement not in the correct format. In other words, it does not show all of those key requirements; name/logo of bank, your name and address, the date etc.

Proof of address uk future:

The good news, it is possible to create the correct statement. Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious for everyone. You have to dive a little bit deeper and download a pdf of the correct statement you want. Of course, some find this easy, but others aren’t as ‘tech’ savy! We have had instances where we have to drive miles to see a client and help them figure it out! And this was after their local branch not willing to help (becuase they are online, for some reason this means a branch can wipe their hands clean of them!). We just hope the banks start making it a little easier and more obvious for everyone.

The future…we hope open banking wil cut this paperwork nonsense out! Surely the banks who are lending can figure out a way to safely share banking data between them.

Why do I need to provide ID and evidence of my address?

Unfortunately, there are people who conduct financial crime which can take many different forms. To help prevent financial crime the UK has strict anti-money laundering checks to fight criminal activity. As such a requirement for financial service firms, solicitors and other relevant professionals is for them to ‘know their customer’ (KYC). In short, KYC can be defined as verifying a customers identity. However, KYC only forms a part of a firms AML and compliance procedures.

In short, by law you have to provide your proof of address and ID to conduct financial transactions. For some this might seem onerous, but if you consider the fact it is designed to protect you, then actually we don’t think it’s much to ask.

Can I send you a copy of my passport?

You can off course send important documents by recorded and special delivery. However, if you don’t want to send an original there are options. Provided the documents have been ‘certified’ by an appropriate person, then it is okay. It must also be a black and white, not a coloured copy and have specific wording and details.

People/organisations who can certify an original proof of address/ID:

  • Solicitor;
  • Mortgage/financial adviser;
  • Bank official;
  • Post office;
  • Notary,
  • or official from an overseas British Consulate.

Requirements for certifying proof of address and ID:

  • Include the certification wording; “I certify that this is a true copy of the original document which I have seen and I certify that this is a true likeness to the person whom I have seen.”
  • An official stamp which includes the company name.
  • A printed name of the person certifying.
  • Their job title.
  • The individual’s qualifications.
  • The date signed.
  • Signature of the person certifying the document.

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