The property investment market is changing and evolving like never before. Working with a buy to let mortgage broker who has their finger on the pulse of the opportunities and mortgage options will help give you a competitive advantage. Particularly if they have a wide knowledge base and experience of the various buy to let mortgage options.

Of course, there are lots of things to consider and think about when you need a buy to let mortgage, so as buy to let mortgage brokers we have come up with our 7 top tips to consider.


Buy to let mortgage broker points to consider:

So before I dive into explaining why a buy to let mortgage broker is more important than ever before for someone who is investing in property, here are the high-level points I’ll be covering off:

  • Why is it important to use a mortgage broker and are they important?
  • What can a mortgage broker do differently to you?
  • How can a mortgage broker help?
  • Why is it important to use an independent advisor?
  • How a personal mortgage service can really help?
  • When speed is important for a mortgage application!
  • How a mortgage broker can save you time, hassle and headaches!


Why it’s important to use a buy to let mortgage broker:

Understanding the different criteria, product selection, and of course, all the niche buy to let lenders, is a specialist skill set for the experienced buy to let mortgage broker. Like any industry, if you are not in it, all the time, you will never be as good as someone who is.

For a serious property investor, it is far better to let a professional help them as it will save them time and money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes.

The market is changing far too quickly for an investor to get it right. Click To Tweet The whole buy to let mortgage process is not only complex but it is confusing with different lenders, products, fees and options available! So don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do it alone.

Oh and did I mention, you have the added complication of lending criteria with different rules for each lender. This should not be underestimated how important and complex it is.

Lending criteria among different lenders hugely varies. Whenever we look at a case for a client we are always trying to identify what we call the ‘red flags’! These are the issues on a case that we know need more detailed research. It is not uncommon to see 5-15 issues that need covering off. It is very rare for a case to go through research without any ‘issues’ that need more investigation.

Now let me put these issues into context for you when we are researching. We go through the process and check off each issue with a lender. Any particular lender might be okay with one or two of the issues on a case, but then the third, fourth, fifth etc throw it out. So you can see the more issues there are on a case, the harder it is to find a suitable lender who is willing to lend. It is not always about the interest rate, it is very much about who is also willing to lend. Of course, I am not saying the rate is important, it is. But you need to find a lender who is not only the cheapest but who will also lend to you.

Whether you are an experienced landlord or looking to take your first steps onto the buy to let ladder, using a buy to let mortgage broker is critical. Click To Tweet

And please, for those of you who say “there is nothing complex” about my situation…trust me there is a high probability, it is way more complex than you can imagine. The funny thing is we get told this on a regular basis all the time!

I am empathetic enough to realise that these people have no idea how complex their own individual circumstances are. After all, they aren’t working in our industry day in day out. So that’s fine. But when you next say to a mortgage broker, I am just looking for a simple mortgage and there is nothing complicated about it…just stop and think!


What can a mortgage broker do differently to you?

In theory not much, but in practice a lot.

Before I detail any specifics the fact remains that there are specialist buy to let mortgage lenders out there who only deal with buy to let mortgage brokers. So this on its own will limit anyone looking for their own mortgage.

Not only this but buy to let mortgage brokers are specialists in their field. Its what they do, day in and day out. Click To Tweet

By working with us you’ll know whether your plans are possible or not quickly. And if they are possible you’ll also know with confidence that your application will be dealt with speedily, efficiently and most importantly successfully.

We don’t throw mud at the wall hoping a few mortgages will stick, while the others fall at the wayside. We only advise something can be done, if we are 100% confident. Of course, we aren’t always perfect, but we certainly try to be. We offer quality independent mortgage advice and value our clients like family. Just take a look at our reviews, testimonials and our success rates/process. We publish our KPI’s (key performance indicators) to show we don’t just talk the talk.

How can a Buy to Let Mortgage Broker help?

This might sound strange but a buy to let mortgage broker is about so much more than getting you the best buy to let mortgage!

Of course, they will do this, but they can advise you on your specific situation, help guide you to build a portfolio (if that’s what you want) or consolidate your existing position. They will ensure they find the best buy to let mortgages for your circumstances and help you plan for the future.

They become your personal adviser both now and in the future and if you can understand this principle it will only serve to help you in the future when having that reliable personal relationship might just help you pull something out… Click To Tweet

Our advisors are always happy to help any of our clients no matter if its just a sounding board to bounce ideas. Because we deal with so many different types of clients and scenarios we have the experience and expertise to help you.


Why is it important to use an independent adviser for buy to let mortgages?

Working with a firm who is independent should be high up on your agenda.

Only then can you know that you are getting the most comprehensive solution for you with the best advice.

Unfortunately there are still a lot of brokers and companies out there who are tied to a limited list of lenders. Click To Tweet

You’ll be pleased to know we are independent but more than this we are directly regulated with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which means we are directly accountable to them. Some firms work differently but for us, this is important and ensures we are focused on our clients best needs.


How a personal buy to let mortgage service can really help?

buy to let mortgage broker

For some having a personal service is not important provided we get the best buy to let mortgage deal, quickly and efficiently and that’s fine.

However, we will always provide you with the best service we can and one that works for you.

We understand you are the most important person and we want to look after you both now and in the future Click To Tweet. If we have to travel from Devon to London to see you then we will. We might be based in Devon but we have lots of clients all over the UK and are happy to help you wherever you are.


When speed is important for a buy to let mortgage application!

As a buy to let mortgage broker, if you need to act quickly we will jump through every hoop to help make it happen and if necessary, jump in our car to see you.

It’s not complicated as it all comes down to service and providing you with what you need. We understand this and are willing to do whatever it takes to help make your plans happen.

Our expertise in the buy to let market will also help speed up the process as we will know at any given time which lender may be a better solution in terms of criteria and speed to get you your buy to let mortgage offer.


How a buy to let mortgage broker can save you time, hassle and headaches!

We charge fees and are very honest and upfront with this as we believe in complete transparency in everything we do with you. We aren’t going to hook you in with unrealistic promises and later down the process mention our fees. We will tell you upfront.

Our focus is on giving you the best service possible, ensure you get the best possible deal, make sure it happens without any hiccups, and provide you with excellent service. By working with us you will save yourself money and time. For some avoiding the hassle is also a huge part of it, particularly if you are busy in your own working life. Again we understand this and want to help in whatever way we can.

Now it’s time to say goodbye although I’ve never liked the term goodbye, as I’m not sure bye can ever be good! I prefer the French saving Au revoir (until we see/meet again) not because its fancy but its nice to know you will see each other again. So Au revoir, I hope you found these little pointers a bit of insight and helpful when choosing your buy to let mortgage broker. Maybe we might be able to help, I do hope so.


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