Independent Mortgage Advice and so much more...but forget us for a second. Why should you use a mortgage broker at all?



Yes our head office is in Devon and we live by the sea (I know you hate us already!) but rest assured we don't have the laid back approach you might think. We have offices in Bristol, Exeter, North Devon, and a regional office in Southampton and are continuing to grow. If we don't have a local presence in your area soon don't worry we already help lots of clients throughout the UK over the phone and on email. Read on to find out more about some of our people and what we do, or if you have a question why not ask us:

We like to help

Our ethos is all about putting our clients at the heart of everything we do. But don't take our word for it take a look at what some of our clients say about us.

We are not men and women in grey suites or your typical stuffy and slightly intimidating firm (which lots of financial services companies can be).

mortgage brokerWe are a friendly bunch who want to help and look after our clients for the long term. We understand talking about finances to a complete stranger is tough and it is difficult to put your trust in someone you don't know.

Rest assured we are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority and our number is 506976) and are members of the NACFB (National Association of Finance Brokers) and will always put our clients best interests first. You could even follow us on some of our social media accounts so you can hopefully get to know us a bit better to.

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mortgage brokerOur advisers are a mix of ex bankers and independent advisers. We are also passionate about giving the younger generation an opportunity to enter the world of finance and have been proud to be involved with the apprenticeship framework. Don't worry our advisers are only let loose on our clients once they meet our high standards. And all our clients cases are thoroughly checked by our head of research and compliance officer Andy (nice pic!), which ensures consistency of the level of advice.



We believe honesty and transparency is vital to build trust and long term business relationships with our clients. This has been the corner stone of our owners belief (Ben on the right). We install in all our people that we are always honest even when the news is not always good. Of course we are always striving to be able to help, but we are not 'yes' men or women.

As part of dedication to being transparent and the confidence in what we do, we have a client portal which enables clients to see all notes and updates that are happening on their case. Not only is this helpful to keep clients updated, but you are also able to see exactly what we are doing.

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First Class Service

mortgage brokerWe are proud to have a unique process which is designed to provide consistent and high quality results for our clients. The key to this is team work.

Most independent firms will have individual advisers doing everything from meeting clients, doing the research, submitting the applications, chasing lenders, and chasing any other party involved in the transaction. As you can imagine this takes a lot of time and requires a bit of juggling! It might even mean its hard to get hold of someone for answers.

To ensure our clients have a first class service, at Barr Financial we believe there is a better way and working as part of a team is the answer.

mortgage brokerAt Barr Financial it won't be just the adviser that you will get to know, but you will also be assigned a client account manager (Rachael is our senior client account manager) who will be responsible for applying for your mortgage, chasing for updates and making sure you are kept informed and updated throughout the process. If the adviser needs a kick up the bum, they can do that for you as well!

When it comes to research to find the best possible deal for you, we don't leave it to chance that you might speak to one adviser over another. At Barr Financial we are dedicated to ensure you receive the same first class outcome, whether you see Bob, Peter or Paul (if you hadn't guessed these aren't our advisers real names!!).

Every case is independently researched by our research team and because they are doing this day in and day out, they know all the little elements of lending criteria which in this day and age is complex. This ensures that when we have done the research, when we say yes, we mean broker

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