Helping you choose the right mortgage.

There are so many mortgage products available that it can be confusing knowing what to choose, what will be right for you or what makes the best financial sense for your circumstances. Especially when you consider that a mortgage will be the biggest single financial responsibility you are ever likely to have.

There are also different types of mortgages and deals avaialble depending what you are trying to do. A Buy to Let Mortgage is very different to a residential mortgage. Indeed a Holiday Let Mortgage is very different to a Buy to Let Mortgage.

Since the credit crunch it has become increasingly difficult to get a mortgage and the lenders have tightened their criteria. Knowing as much as you can about how to get the best mortgage deal and can increase your chances of securing a mortgage that could end up saving you thousands.

That's why the advisors at Barr Financial have written a comprehensive guide to getting the best mortgage deal. It takes you through 11 essential steps and introduces you to the comlicated world that is mortgages.

It's available to anyone by simply following the link below. It's FREE and could make the difference between getting a mortgage or not. Mortgage guide:

Download your FREE guide to getting the best mortgage deal


Moving Home Mortgage:

If you are moving home there are several options you can consider including getting a new mortgage or porting your existing mortgage if the lender allows. Why not download this guide for more information:

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Of course you might be just looking to remortgage as your existing mortgage deal is coming to an end. Usually it pays to review your options and there may be no reason for you to stay with your current lender – especially if there are better deals available elsewhere.

Why not download our Remortgage check list here:

Remortgage Rationaliser Checklist


First Time Buyer Mortgage:

And if you are a first time buyer buying for the first time we can help you through the maze of purchasing your first home and make sure you get the best mortgage deal for you.

Why download our 7 secrets for first time buyers here:

7 secrets to getting a first time buyer mortgage


Self Employed Mortgages:

And don’t forget that we don’t just help people who are employed professionals. If you run your own business then talk to us about your needs. We are experts when it comes to self employed mortgages.

There is always added complexity whether you are a contractor, sole trader, in a partnership or a Ltd company Director. However we have vast experience of dealing with complex mortgages and scenarios and are always happy to help.

Why not take a look at this:

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